Dare to Dream 2 Project

Now that more people are returning to church it is a good time to look at the changes made during our Dare to Dream 2 project.

The Floor: When the pews were removed it was found that the floorboards wereof different widths and colours. We covered them with 6mm ply and a wood-effect vinyl.
The ramp at the front of the church is quite steep so this ramp was built in the yard to allow easier access for wheelchairs and prams.




A new addition to the church was a coffee bar to enable refreshments to be served in church.
An Accessible unisex toilet with a baby changing shelf was built on one side of the porch.
A new sound desk was built in the rear gallery and fitted with a more up to date sound and projection systems. WiFi is available and services can now be streamed.
The edges of the steps were covered with a rubber strip. This was becoming worn and detached so metal stips were fitted which are a lot safer.
The pews were replaced with 100 new chairs. These will enable flexibility in the seating. You can just about see some tables at the back ready for coffee time!



All the lights were fitted with LED’S. Rather expensive but the costs should be recouped and carbon saved because they will use less electricity.

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