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Junior Church Christmas Service

Posted by David - December 8, 2013 - Don't Move the Manger

Junior Church with some help from the Brownies and Guides told a story showing how the Manger  can be pushed out of sight at Christmas.



The Manger is at the front until the Christmas decorations are brought in .










IMG_3749aTo make room the manger is moved back out of the way.










IMG_3750aHere comes the Christmas shopping!









IMG_3751aTo make room the manger is moved further back.









IMG_3753aWhere is the manger? Out of sight!









IMG_3754aThe brownies read the Christmas story showing why the manger is important.








IMG_3756aThe Guides led Christmas prayers.









IMG_3757aThe manger is returned to the front.

Please don’t move the manger this Christmas.