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The Nativity in Kenilworth

Posted by David - December 9, 2013 - The nativity in Kenilworth

Churches Together in Kenilworth thought that it would be good if the Christmas story was told at the lights switch on ceremonies in Kenilworth. There was much to compete ahgainst with fair rides, food stalls  and much loud music bit an audience did gather especially in high Street when many children watched.


The shepherds and angels are ready for action


















Ready for visitors











The angels and shepherds arrive









It was a cold evening so they drew closer together.

(There are 5 ladies from Abbey Hill in this photo)












The wise men have joined them rather earlier than the story suggests!



Junior Church Christmas Service

Posted by David - December 8, 2013 - Don't Move the Manger

Junior Church with some help from the Brownies and Guides told a story showing how the Manger  can be pushed out of sight at Christmas.



The Manger is at the front until the Christmas decorations are brought in .










IMG_3749aTo make room the manger is moved back out of the way.










IMG_3750aHere comes the Christmas shopping!









IMG_3751aTo make room the manger is moved further back.









IMG_3753aWhere is the manger? Out of sight!









IMG_3754aThe brownies read the Christmas story showing why the manger is important.








IMG_3756aThe Guides led Christmas prayers.









IMG_3757aThe manger is returned to the front.

Please don’t move the manger this Christmas.